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Address: 2818 S Olive St.
Located: Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone: 213-765-0905
Type of Company: Contractor & Manufacturer
Contact: Raphael Guien
Price/Quality Level: High-end quality
Number of Employees: 50
Number of sewing machines: 40
Minimum lot size: Negotiable
Production System:
Services: We offer full package leather contracting for fashion designers, artists and more. It includes full package production (A to Z, from pattern to finished product, flexible quantities), pattern making, hard pattern (pattern is yours to keep), grading (pattern sizing), design consulting, design development, concept and creation for start-up, beginner or student, sample making, and duplicate. Everything (down to the stitching, sewing, trim, fusing) is done here in the heart of the Fashion District in Los Angeles California, U.S.A. Whether your apparel production is large or small, our quality is first rate. We have all the necessary connections and our experts will help you save time and money with important finishing details such as stitching, trim, markers, lining, pattern alterations, cutting, patterns, grading, skiving, embellishing, fusing, hems, hang tags, plus finding zippers, buttons, eyelets, leather costume garment embellishment, ornamentation, design, rivets, nail heads, logo engraving: magnesium copper or foil die, stamp, die, mold, labels, care tags. The same attention to details we put in the finished product will help a designer land the right showroom or high-end fashion retailer. We advise our fashion designers to come and see us with a pattern or samples, swatches and pictures to help speed up the process. Our team of French experts will bring your fashion collection "a la mode" in no time and locally here in downtown Los Angeles. We also offer private label for retailers, boutique owners, distributors and all businesses. We personalize leather products with your name or logo and do personalized pattern options as well. Ortu Leather is also a wholesaler of leather hides and a distributor. Unlike the vast majority of American based leather contractors who are not limited in their leather offering, we have the advantage of being a high volume leather supplier. We offer our clients a wide array of leather options in various color, finish, grain and texture. We will always help you emphasize the uniqueness of the leather garments & accessories we can produce for you.
Materials: Lambskin, cowhide, suede, pigskin, calf hair on, bison, shearling, deer, elk, veg tanned, tooling, exotic, leather tools and supplies
Equipment: Fully equipped with machines specialized in leather. cutting, sewing, fusing, trimming, engraving, debossing, hang tags, embellishing, embroidery, laser cut, leather printing, die cut. We also have handmade capabilities for various leather garments and accessories applications (French saddle stitching etc.)
Women's & Girl's: Leather shorts, tops, jackets, skirts, pants, sweatpants, dresses, vests, outerwear, purses, accessories, leather tights, leggings, trench coats, leather t-shirts, motorcycle jackets
Men's & Boy's: Leather jackets, shorts, tops, pants, sweatpants, bags, hoodies, shirts, coats, trench coats, outerwear, blazers, leather t-shirts, moto jackets
Children's & Infants:
Other Sewn Products: Leather handbags, bags, clutches, duffle bags, accessories, wallets, totes, travel case, backpack, holster pouches, messenger bags, weekender bags, belts, coin holder, satchels, gloves
Comments: Our team of experts originating from Paris, France carries 30+ years of experience in making leather garments and accessories. We have come here to bring our client's vision and project to life. From the fashion designer to the fashion label or manufacturer, we service a wide array of clients. We also make coat, robe, vest, cape, overcoat, topcoat, trench, hoodie, edge, windbreaker, wrap around, blazer, cloak, coat-tail, down jacket, duffel coat, down vest, poncho, waist coat, underfur, winter coat, turtleneck, leather moto jacket, duster, cowboy jacket, suede, western jacket, bolero, fringe jacket, tribal jacket etc.
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